When: September - May

BOAT: Ammiraglia of 40 people heated and equipped with stereo and microphone system

PRICE: € 200 for hours


The route is indicated for pre-schools, primary, secondary, higher.

We recall also that the docking of the Taxi Boat is on Long Lake Lecco just opposite the bus stop for Bus Tours.

So we are also close to the quaint historic center of Lecco with its Visconti Tower and Matitone, spectacular bell tower with its 96 meters is the third highest in Italy ...

Tour Manzoniano



We will sail to the statue of St. Nicholas the patron of Lecco, the Bay of Pare and the Rock of Malgrate.
We will spend the three bridges over the River Adda admiring the characteristic Ponte Vecchio and the Viscontea Island. Finally, we will enter the North Adda Park on Lake Garlate passing in front of Manzoni Pescarenico country par excellence!

Time: 45 min
Start/Arrive: Lecco

With 40 people boat
Price: € 10 per person - € 5 under 12 - Free under 3 - All holidays (with a minimum of 24 participants)

With 10 people boat
Price: € 120 tot. – to have any exclusive private boat

For groups over 40 people we do 2 laps, alternating the tour boat to a walk through the historic center of the city.

The center of the lake pearl



Discovering the Center
Lake, will climb all over the branch of Lake Como, along the banks to admire landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

And 'it will stop at a choice of the most famous places and characteristics of the lake such as Bellagio, Varenna, Comacina Island ...

Browsing discover small villages and historic villas that only the lake can be admired in all their glory

Time: 3,5 hours 

Start: Lecco (all days)

Price: € 55 at people - min 8 persons

Other tours


For Children:

San Nicolò porta i Pomm - The Patron of Lecco and sailors door to all children features red apples, after having made him take a boat ride to the statue of the patron saint that stands in the middle of the lake.

Santa Claus - Here come the gifts from the lake...

For adults:

Museum of Moto Guzzi in Mandello
With the most beautiful bike of the past and present and its workshops of 1921 features.
Museum Setificio Monti Abbadia
With a circular lathe still functioning in 1818.
Naturalistic tour
To discover the origins of the lake and the life forms that live there.
Water and Life
Water analysis in different
points ... near a river mouth, in the middle of the lake ...
I Pescatori
Once here he lived alone fishing, now the last remaining fishermen will show us nets and fished.
Photographs and Portraits
The lake seen from the lake ...


geo-boats.jpgGeo Boats

Trips to discover the mysteries and geological vagaries of Lecco area; with the help of the environmental guides of GEOTRIPS you can make an exciting overview of the geology of the Lecco landscape visible from the center of the lake, sitting out on the boat, or with a stop in the floor to touch the famous Black Varenna, limestone formed in the deep waters of an ancient tropical sea.

Tour “GeoAcqua”

  • Time: 1 hour of boat
  • Tour: Boat up to Mandello to be able to see the Grigne and more observation of rock samples by boat.
  • Target audience: degree.• Guide: Ambientali Escursionistiche (Sabrina Iannaccone)
  • Prices: Taxi Boat for schools 150,00 EUR + 60,00 EUR driving Geotrips

TOTAL 210,00 euro.